Who are we?

Wingmacht OÜ is an estate developing company, which was created in 2009 and is backed solely by its Estonian owners. Our mission is to deliver the best possible quality regardless of the complexity and/or volume of the projects in progress. We also are highly interested to create an optimal solution for each and every house, so that the new owner gets the most comfortable and cost-minimizing home. For this purpose, we have been improving our projects by installing geo-thermal heating and/or solar panels on the rooftops – a perfect combination that allows better energy grading for the building and low utility costs for the owner. A flat houses we develop are already offering house experience at a price of a flat, yet we have increased this feeling by building separate BBQ corners with terraces in houses private yard, which would allow new owners to socialize with neighbours and yet have their own space for outside lunch. We strive to use the most innovative solutions when it comes to heating, energy-saving systems, which is why in one of the houses we have installed a hybrid heating system, which combined a gas boiler and a heating pump into one. Post instalments the heating bills have halved in relation to what they were when the house was heating by a gas boiler only.

Our vision is to create a home, not just a house, so we follow this idea from blueprint to the final touches, so that You can see as the best place to live and prosper.


This is what customers say about us

Voldemar K.

Our decision to buy a house was made in June 2015. Main reasons were location and room planning. Room size and openness were especially suitable for us. Option to change interior materials helped to make the decision

Raido S.

In January 2015 we made a decision to buy a new home. The project met our main requirement: it was without a common wall with a neighbor. In addition we made agreement on changes to the project. A plus for us was the location of the house according to the sunrise and quality of materials and construction works.